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We do our best to create an environment that's comfortable and supportive for our group classes
Jed provides one on one instruction
to a pair of new students
Jed and his partner Narce, known as
"...the most inspirational dance couple on the scene....",
show you how it's done

When they start

Our class series group lessons are:

SULTRY SALSA, FROM THE BEGINNING #101 - Starting with the first step and continuing through basic turns. Emphasis will be placed on how to dance with a partner and basic dance technique.

SULTRY SALSA SERIES, #102, #103 AND #104 - Introduction to fancier turn patterns, styling and cross body lead turn patterns.

BLAZING BACHATA, STARTING THE FIRE #101 - Learn to dance to the music, with style, to this enormously popular, hot and sexy dance.

BLAZING BACHATA SERIES, #102, #103 AND #104 - Fancier turn patterns, styling and dips.

At this time we are not offering any classes in the Chicago area. Check back later for a new class schedule.



Where they happen

At this time we are not offering any classes in the Chicago area. Check back later for a new class schedule.


How much they cost

Our 3 hour Mini Boot Camps, in any of our locations, are $50.00 per person.

At this time we are not offering any classes in the Chicago area. Check back later for a new class schedule.

Private lessons are $75.00 per session, for up to two people. Each session is 55 minutes. Private lesson packages are available at a discounted rate if you pre-pay. A package of five, 55 minute lessons is available for $350.00. A package of ten, 55 minute lessons is available for $650.00. Lesson packages may be utilized over any time period at your convenience. You may pay as you go, or enroll in a package. There are no contracts and absolutely no high pressure sales tactics.

We know that you will be very happy with the quality of our instruction, our supportive environment, and the progress you'll make!


About our classes

We offer regular classes in Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha Cha taught by the Baron of Bachata, Jed Walker!

No partner is necessary.

We rotate partners in class. This will help you develop your skills more quickly and allow everybody the opportunity to practice the steps being taught and also to meet new people with whom you might practice at another time. Nevertheless, you may stay with one partner if you choose.

If you are new to a particular dance, or need to focus on your fundamentals, you should start with basic classes.

A group lesson is the most entertaining way to learn how to dance. We create a pleasant environment where you can gain the most out of your time. As you learn the dance combinations you have the opportunity of meeting and dancing with new people at each class. This enables you to practice and at the same time define your own technique and style.

A private lesson is the most appropriate way of learning how to dance quickly. Our method of teaching gives the beginning dancer the opportunity of becoming an accomplished dancer in a short period of time. A private lesson enables you to receive the full and complete attention of your instructor on a date and at a time that suits your schedule. Alone, or with a partner, you will discover that learning how to dance is easy.


Group courses come in many different forms including:

Drop-In Group Lesson: These are usually intermediate to advanced level lessons, although they could also be beginner to intermediate level lessons. The dance level of the lesson is usually announced in advance. Each lesson is typically one hour. You must be familiar with the basics of the particular dance in order to be capable of participating in these lessons. A lesson is usually offered each week and each lesson is a full and complete independent lesson.

Class Series Group Lesson: These are usually progressive multi-week classes (usually 4 to 8 weeks) in which each week builds off the previous weeks material. Students should be able to commit to each class meeting. Each meeting of class is typically 1 hour. Each meeting usually starts with a quick review of the previous weeks material and then new material is introduced that builds off of what has been learned. The class size can vary from 4 to 30, but most classes usually have about 8 to 10 participants.

Workshops: A single group lesson, in one dance, usually lasting in duration anywhere from 90 minutes up to 4 hours, all on one day.

Intensives/Seminars: These are usually day-long lessons that pack a lot into the program. Most occur on weekends.

Catch-All Group Lesson: These are the lessons that run before a nightclub dance or before an event, where the class size can be very large and the audience level varies from complete novice to the advanced dancer. These lessons are usually an hour or less; introduce the basics; and cover at least one fancier combination.


In a private lesson, Jed Walker works with one student or a couple. If the individual student is a male, Jed will arrange a female follow to assist with the lesson. This is an excellent way to focus on your specific needs and goals. Jed will help you create a personal dance development plan, utilizing a combination of private lessons, group classes, dance parties and practice. If you prefer, you can just take one private lesson at a time. Private lessons can be customized to fit your needs and goals. You can focus on one dance, one lesson at a time, or you can work with Jed to create a comprehensive program, focusing on a specific dance or on any number of different dances. One lesson is 55-minutes for one or two people.

SHOES: We recommend soles that allow you to slide safely across the dance floor, such as leather, smooth plastic, or suede. Rubber-soled shoes, athletic shoes and flip flops are not recommended. If you are interested in purchasing dance shoes, see our Links page for Links to common vendors.

CLOTHING: Although we don't have a strict dress code, the norm for our classes is: weekday evening classes are usually nicer-casual to club attire; weekend day attire is usually more casual as in nice jeans & top; Friday and Saturday evenings and special events are usually club or more formal attire. Please be considerate of others when selecting your attire. Sleeved-shirts are highly recommended. If you tend to sweat, a change of shirt may be a good idea to bring along. Think of light, comfortable clothing that breathes. If we are teaching in a club, please follow the guidelines for the club in which we are conducting the lesson.


CLUB-WEAR: Entrance into the world of Latin dancing first means learning that you need to dress to impress. Becoming a sharp, Latin dancer starts with dressing like one. Leave your gym shoes, flip flops, athletic wear and jeans at home.

OTHER: The only other things you have to bring are your smile and enthusiasm. We do recommend that you bring a notebook and pen to keep notes on all that you learn to allow you to review and practice later.

Video Cameras are not allowed in class. At the end of class, we will conduct a short review of the material for videotaping or you can videotape other students or have someone videotape you in order to take a video note of the class material.

Check with Jed about videotaping private lessons.

We truly believe that participating in our events and lessons is not only a great way to learn how to dance but also a fun and safe way to meet other wonderful people, get exercise, gain confidence, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend that all of our students read the articles posted in the Reviews and Articles area of this website. Of course, please let us know if you ever have any suggestions on how we can make your and other's experience better!

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